I Stand with Rand

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Rand Paul stood for nearly 13 hours telling Washington that the time for arrogance in the face of the American people had run out.

Rand stood up and did what Washington's pampered ruling class considered unthinkable - he filibustered John Brennan the old-fashioned way, by standing up and speaking the truth.
As he spoke, so too did more and more Americans begin waking up to the stark truth: The truth that President Obama appears willing to rescind your rights - even the right to your own life - so that he may have the right to kill, where he wishes, when he wishes, and who he wishes - without any due process protections whatsoever.

Why is Obama remaining silent about his intentions? To hear the sound of Rand Paul's voice? 

The President likes the sound of his own far too much for that. But you don't have to stay silent. You know Rand Paul is right. You know his questions deserve to be answered, because you, along with every American, deserve an answer.

Show President Obama, that like Rand, you are not afraid to demand that answer, and that as long as he refuses, you too will stand with Rand.


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